Ronda Rousey Finger Injury Update (8/21/2019)

Ronda Rousey Goes Into Detail On How She Suffered Awful Finger Injury, X-Ray Photo

As we reported earlier in the week, Ronda Rousey suffered a serious finger injury while shooting for 9-1-1 with a graphic photo already making its way online showing her finger nearly severed in half.

Rousey released a statement confirming the injury but went into more detail in the video below describing how it happened.

Rousey indicated that she suffered the injury just over a week ago on the first take of the day, where she had to open up a boat door and step out. And she was a little bit too short so she had to give it a bit of a push and it either stalled and came crashing down or bounced back and caught her finger.

Rousey at first thought that she just jammed her nail but decided to finish the scene.

After looking down, she realized the severity of what had happened and told the Director that her finger was barely hanging on, with bones, tendons and everything visible.

Rousey said at first she thought she lost her finger and was rushed to the hospital where the extent of her injuries became clear – broken bones, tendons were detached and a crushed nerve.

After undergoing surgery where bolt and screws were put in to hold her finger together, she returned the next day to finish filming her scenes but a lot of her stunts got cut out.

Rousey said that she already has 50% range of motion back in her hand, but isn’t allowed to do more for fear of damaging the tendon.

She was planning on going on a vacation with her husband, but is now in a cast.

Rousey also indicated that she doesn’t like pain medication because it makes her nauseous and sick so she was actually awake during the surgery and is on minimal meds like Tylenol.

She’ll be returning to film more scenes for the series in September and October. Social Media Interaction



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