Ronda Rousey Talks Bray Wyatt Possibly Returning To The WWE

Top WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey recently took to her gaming stream, where she talked about a number of topics such as Bray Wyatt possibly returning to the WWE.

Ronda Rousey said:

“Oh God, if Bray Wyatt came back, I would die! You know what I would love? If Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas came back and Bo was part of his cult. Ugh, I just want to see them together. Why not!?”

Ronda Rousey also talked about how she has a new submission move that doesn’t have a name yet but she can’t wait to debut.

Ronda Rousey said:

“I actually have this rolling choke that’s pretty cool that I haven’t really busted out that is looking for a name.”

You can check out Ronda Rousey’s comments in the video below. H/T to Wrestling Inc. for transcribing the above quotes.

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