Rosemary Interview Highlights

Rosemary On Her Rivalry With Taya Valkyrie, Her Character, Being A Role Model For Kids

Rosemary recently spoke with the folks from the The Gorilla Position for an interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On building up the Rosemary character: “Rosemary is another personality of mine, basically. I think my work has always been the best when its been over-the-top. Even with the original incarnations of the dark character. Like in the beginning with Courtney Rush, I was just more straightforward wrestling or doing comedy stuff. I didn’t particularly like myself that way, and I wanted to try something totally different.”

On being a role model for kids: “I feel like, no matter what level of public figure you are, or the notoriety you have, you have a responsibility to the people who look up to you. I find it huge that these kids look up to me as someone that they can come up to and talk to. I don’t know what it is. I feel like I almost can’t cant describe it. It’s very intangible. It’s just amazing and powerful. I can’t tell you how much energy I get from having that experience with them.”

On her rivalry with Taya Valkyrie: “We’re very different characters, but still very much in the ‘theme’ world. Both over the top, both very expressive and other-worldly: The demon and thunder goddess. To me, when you have two characters on that scale who threaten to clash, it’s a going to be a great story. So far, I think Impact has done a great job of presenting it that way, with these two larger than life figures. I hate to use a wild west cliche, but it’s almost as if the company isn’t big enough for the two of them.”

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