Rumors of HHH Being Disappointed in Returning Wrestlers is Largely False

— Late last year, reports emerged that WWE Chief Content Officer, Paul “HHH” Levesque was underwhelmed by some of the talent that were brought back since he regained power within the company though no specific names were mentioned. In an update, a report from fightfulselect.com suggests that this rumor is likely not true or if it is, WWE officials are certainly downplaying it.

— One source noted that Triple H would never say anything like that publicly to anyone even if he did believe that some of wrestlers brought back were falling short of expectations. In fact, another source stated that none of the talent that returned were expected to immediately ascend to the top of the roster where the spots and storylines were already set.

— Another person shared that Triple H’s main priority when restocking both Raw and Smackdown was to strengthen the depth of the roster and he communicated this to all the dozen or so wrestlers that he re-signed. Not only is his vision a long-term play, but one of the improvements that HHH wanted to make was to freshen up both TV shows as prior to his rise in power, Raw and Smackdown were often the same shows each week with recycled matches.

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