Rusev Talks To The Indian Express

Rusev On The Meaning Of “Rusev Day,” Lana/Women’s Title, Aiden English

Rusev recently spoke with the folks from The Indian Express to promote next month’s WrestleMania 34 pay-per-view.

On the meaning of “Rusev Day”: “Its more than a cool catchphrase- it’s a mentality and it’s celebrating yourself every day. People understand it and they feel the of passion behind it and that is why the amazing response. I’m an artist and I have a lot more to offer in this business. I’m not a one-dimensional character. I feel like the WWE Universe sees that and understands it and they’re behind it right now.”

On Aiden English: “He’s a blessing in disguise. He is so good, so talented- he is on another level. When were put together it was supposed to be a joke but they gave us lemons and we turned into lemonade [laughs].”

On whether or not he feels Lana can win the Women’s Championship: “Of course she can. In the women’s division, she has the best in-ring psychology. She just has to push and one day she will click and that will be great.”

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