Rob Van Dam Talks About A Potential WWE Hall Of Fame Induction (5/21/2019)

RVD Says He Doesn’t Need, But Wouldn’t Turn Down WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

Although he admits he doesn’t need it, former WWE Superstar and current Impact Wrestling performer Rob Van Dam recently noted that he likely wouldn’t turn down an invitation to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame, were such an offer to come his way.

The former ECW Original, who recently signed and debuted with Impact Wrestling a couple of weeks ago, spoke about the topic when responding to a fan who asked him about the subject on Twitter.

The fan wrote, “Would you ever go on in post-wrestling retirement by not accepting a WWE invite for the [Hall Of Fame]? I don’t know, I just feel that not only has it ‘lost meaning’ over the years but you don’t need a [Hall Of Fame] induction to be ‘validated,’ you know?”

Van Dam replied, “I don’t ‘need’ a lot of things that other people seem to.”

He continued, however, pointing out that while he might not “need” the honor, he doesn’t see himself turning it down if it were to come his way some day.

“Still, I don’t see me turning the honor down,” RVD wrote.

Check out the Twitter interaction between Rob Van Dam and the fan about a potential WWE Hall Of Fame induction below

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