Ryback Addresses CM Punk’s Criticism, Gives Him Credit For Fighting In UFC

Ryback Addresses CM Punk’s Criticism, Gives Him Credit For Fighting In UFC

Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently appeared as a guest on WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross’ Ross Report podcast for an interview. During the discussion, “The Big Guy” spoke about the criticism he received from CM Punk during his appearance on the now infamous Colt Cabana podcast shortly after he left WWE.

“Not to say Punk gets along with everyone to begin with – he’s kind of his own individual, and a self-admitted asshole at times, but he was always friendly with me. But you gotta remember, when you’re dealing at the WWE level, and you’re dealing with those top slots, you’re dealing with millions of dollars. The two guys I had all my problems with, and everyone else there I’d get alone with just fine, was John Cena and CM Punk. There’s only a certain amount of slots there, and those guys have those slots, and they wanted to keep them. I do think Punk, he was really beat up during the periods that we worked together, physically, and he complained about other guys when he was there that are notorious for being good workers. I just think he was physically beat up, and he was frustrated, and he lumped that all in.” … “He had his issues with WWE, I think I just got lumped into all that. It is what it is. I don’t hate him, not at all.”

Additionally, Ryback spoke about Punk transitioning from WWE into UFC. “The Big Guy” actually gave credit to Punk for having the courage to take the chance to get into the Octagon and fight for real.

“I’m happy for him, as far as the UFC. I know the fight didn’t go the way that he wanted it to go, or have the performance that he probably felt that he could have had. But having the courage to just take that chance, and anybody who knocks him for that, they have no idea the courage that it takes to be able to go out there and fight in front of the world. Essentially it’s being a modern day gladiator.” … “I think it’s cool. I wish him the best in everything that he’s doing going forward.”

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