Ryback On WWE Going Back To Dual-Branded PPVs

Ryback Explains Why WWE Made The Right Decision By Going Back To Dual-Branded PPVs

During a recent edition of his Conversation With The Big Guy podcast, former WWE Superstar Ryback (The Big Guy) recently shared his thoughts on WWE going back to all dual-branded pay-per-views after the WWE Backlash PPV on May 6.

As The Big Guy explained, he thinks the decision was a good one for WWE to make to simplify things.

“I think the ‘In & Out Burger’ formula; when you simplify things, and you do it well, you are much better off than over-complicating the menu,” said The Big Guy. “I think pro wrestling over-complicated the menu a long time ago for the sake of money. There is a way to cut back on that now.”

The Big Guy did admit, however, that the move is a tough one for the mid-card Superstars in WWE, as there won’t be enough spots for them to be on pay-per-views as consistently as they are used to with their current schedule. Regardless, The Big Guy sticks by his stance that WWE made the right move.

“From a performer’s standpoint it kind of sucks because guys that were going to be on pay-per-views, may not be getting on pay-per-views regularly because you are sharing brands, and you can only take a few matches from each show essentially,” said The Big Guy. “They have ways around it though; they can create longer pay-per-views to try and kind of narrow that gap, I think it is a good move. It is too much of a product, which I don’t think it is a good thing.”

Check out the complete episode of Conversation With The Big Guy at Podbay.fm.

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