Ryback Questions Timing Of Goldberg’s WWE Return: “Is This Because Of Me?”

Former WWE Superstar Ryback (aka The Big Giuy) recently let loose on some other behind-the-scenes happenings involving himself and WWE management during a recent edition of his Conversation With The Big Guy podcast.

During the latest installment, The Big Guy touched on WWE bringing in Bill Goldberg soon after his exit from the company, questioning the timing of everything.

“There’s part of me still that looks at that and is like, ‘come on, guys. Is part of this because of me, because I left?’ Like, I don’t put anything passed them at this point. Why wasn’t he brought in while I was there for the last five years or four-and-a-half years, when that was the match that would’ve made absolute sense?”

Ryback added, “you’re a billionaire. It’s a game. It’s a game and he has his toys and he plays with his toys and he likes to do things. And I look and part of me really believes it’s just like a like in spite of things and it’s just whatever.”

Ryback did, however, admit that he has enjoyed Goldberg’s latest run in WWE.

“[Goldberg] physically looks very impressive, but you can just tell he’s an older human being now and I think anybody who tries to deny that is being ridiculous, but I think he [has] done a phenomenal job of being Goldberg still to the best of his ability and they’ve done a good job with him.” Ryback said, “if they were going to [have a longer WrestleMania match], they would have tried it out with Kevin to see and they didn’t, so there will be some shenanigans for that, to switch the title over to Brock, probably. I’m sure eventually that will be the case.”

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