Ryback Reveals Hurtful Comment From Triple H That Changed Him Forever

During a recent installment of his “Conversation With The Big Guy,” podcast, former WWE Superstar Ryback revealed a comment made to him by Triple H during his WWE days that “changed the way he looked at the business forever.”

According to The Big Guy, when Triple H told him that WWE was going to have to “pull the plug” on him, it ended his days as one of the biggest Triple H “marks.”

“Hunter, who was starting to gain more control over developmental at that time period, was coming to FCW a little bit,” said Ryback. “That’s when I think the wheels were kind of turning as far as him getting more and more involved in developmental. He comes up to me. He goes, ‘oh, how are you doing?’ I go, ‘I’m feeling good – I’ve finally got the metal taken out of my leg.’ He goes, ‘ah, eventually, we have to pull the plug on you.’ His exact f–king words. Hunter, Triple H, f–king, ‘eventually, we have to pull the plug on you’ [were] his exact words. So to remind you, by the way, and I’ve talked to other people that know me. Like, growing up, he was one of the few guys I actually really liked and I don’t want to say ‘looked up to’, but I liked his character and I liked the whole deal. So then, this guy who is now the boss, looks at me, ‘oh, eventually, we have to pull the plug on you.'”

Ryback continued, “I’ve never felt more let down in my life than that moment right there when he said those words. ‘Eventually, we have to pull the plug on you’ in a high pitched voice. And ‘eh, eventually, we have to pull the plug on you’. I just sat and stared at him in complete confusion and like and just ‘what the f–k?'”

“It f–king not only hurt me, but it also lit a f–king fire under me that I am playing with the devil in all of this and that woke me up,” Ryback said. “That’s when everything [changed]. Whatever mark was in me at that point left that f–king moment in time. I was like, ‘f–k this – I’m now dealing with this piece of s–t across the board this entire company?’ That’s what changed my whole outlook on the wrestling business forever.”

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