Vince McMahon

Ryback Shows Concern Over Vince McMahon: “I’ve Heard His Health Isn’t Great These Days”

Former WWE star and Intercontinental champion Ryback issued a short statement on Twitter last night commenting on the health of WWE chairman, Vince McMahon. The Big Guy writes, “Despite the pain and frustration the @wwe has caused me since walking away I want to send love their way towards @vincemcmahon as I’ve heard his health isn’t great these days. Hopefully he can find the strength to overcome so he can witness me kicking his ass fully for #Ryback.”

A few months ago Ryback caught heat online for saying that the world would be a better place without McMahon in it, something he clarified was not a death wish upon his former boss, but an opinion he strongly believed in. You can read his latest tweet below.

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