Ryback Talks On Conversation With The Big Guy

Ryback Talks About Dolph Ziggler’s Recent Push & Drew McIntyre’s WWE Status

Former WWE Superstar The Big Guy (Ryback) recently spent some time sharing his thoughts on the progress Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre have made in their WWE careers as of late. Featured below are some of the highlights from the podcast.

On Dolph Ziggler hitting a new stride in his career lately: “I saw early on his interview on the Kick Off Show by the panel, and I texted him afterwards that it was a hell of a promo, and he texted me afterwards, ‘Woooooo!’ He is in the zone right now and I think from a psychology standpoint he is amazing in the ring and an amazing human being. Now, you put a big psychopath around him, as he describes Drew McIntyre, it now makes sense that he is winning after he was booked horribly at times with many missed opportunities as well. Now, from a fan standpoint it makes sense why he is winning. He is confident and knows how good he is, and that is coming across now in his character. When I hear him speak I know him so well and I know when he is in the zone. I feel that it is clicking with him right now.”

On Drew McIntyre being poised for a main event run himself: “I feel that this is going to be an opportunity where they are going to do something with Drew McIntyre. You wouldn’t be doing any justice if you don’t do something big with Dolph Ziggler as well. You ride this to the main event with those two, and you give him a big run with the IC title and then you pull the trigger with Drew McIntyre, you get your full money’s worth out of it. Sometimes they will cut it short just to get the result from the other guy, but I think that if they really invest some time in it with the other two and really give Dolph Ziggler some momentum and because of Drew McIntyre it will really mean something if they pull the trigger with Drew McIntyre.”

Check out the complete episode of Conversation With The Big Guy starring Ryback at Podbay.fm.

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