Ryback Talks Candidly About WWE’s Handling Of Tyson Kidd’s Near-Fatal Injury

During the latest edition of his “Conversation with The Big Guy” podcast, former WWE Superstar Ryback spoke at length about his thoughts on the way WWE handled Tyson Kidd’s near-fatal neck injury.

Below is an excerpt from the podcast where the former WWE Superstar speaks about the topic candidly:

“WWE should make sure, 100%, that not only is he taken care of for the rest of his life, and I mean well beyond taken care of, they should bend over backwards time and time again for him because they took away… this guy loved wrestling, not just as much… on another level, and what they took away from him, and, by the way, and to take as f–king long as they did to f–king apologize, I’ll personally say it right here on the podcast: f–k you, Vince, and f–k you, Kevin, for not being f–king men and not f–king apologizing to this human being that you ruined. And Vince, you are a f–king piece of s–t, I’m going to say it right here, for everything that you did that night to go out there and f–king create that circumstance. And you should hate yourself when you look in the mirror.”

“And there [are] no excuse for it. ‘Oh, we were scared of a lawsuit’. f–k you, guys. You guys should be f–king shut down. Tyson’s a great, great human being. He [has] given them everything.”

“And Mark Carrano, I hope to God Mark Carrano is fired for the stupid decisions he made that night. That is one thing that would make me personally because I hate that guy so much for being such a piece of s–t that I would like to see Mark Carrano gone.”

“It makes me so angry because of everything I went through with my ankle and I feel that Vince doesn’t know a lot of the things that what went on with my ankle. And, like, I never got one Goddamn apology for anything and his situation is a million times worse because he can never wrestle ever again. And it just makes me so angry at the negligence and the stupidity that exists at that level there.”

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