The Big Guy Takes Part In Reddit A.M.A. Q&A (4/24/2019)

Ryback Talks Having To Change His Name, Issues With CM Punk, AEW & More

Former WWE Superstar Ryback, who now wrestles under the name “The Big Guy,” recently took part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (A.M.A.) chat with fans. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On what went wrong with the 2015 WWE Elimination Chamber match: “Mark [Henry]’s pod broke and the entire match changed. It threw everyone off and everything that was lined up her to be adjusted with a lot of guys trapped in the ring. Wade [Barrett] laughed all the way to the back, it’s actually quite funny how it all played out, but it was a mess.”

On CM Punk: “He has personal issues with me because his bullshit didn’t work with me. Karma dealt with him already. You would hear more stories of me hurting people if that were the case, but it simply isn’t. His steroid allegations are out of pure jealousy. The guy has shit genetics and can’t even get abs cutting weight with mma training. Our history is in the past and I wish him all the best out of wrestling, but his remarks were done purposely from other personal occurrences.”

On how he felt having his first WWE Championship match: “The energy for a year was unreal and something very special to have been a part of.”

On having to change his name: “I created the Ryback name and own everything now with my branding. I simply just don’t want Vince to have anything of mine and would be fine with them erasing me from their archives. Wrestlers should own their names if they created them, bottom line.”

On “Feed Me More”: “I created it when I was a server in Louisville, KY. The cooks used to joke about me eating all the time and it became a thing. In WWE I said it when I wanted more competition and it just worked. They never had any say in any of the things I used for catch phrases or nicknames. I had them use Big Hungry early on and Vince hated it so they stopped.”

On AEW: “Once I’m healthy I will speak to Cody if I feel I can contribute in a meaningful way. They are going to do very well over time I believe. They have an opportunity to do wrestling the way it always should have been done.”

On the idea of a pro wrestler’s union: “A union would protect the wrestlers from a man who uses their bodies to earn billions. There are no downsides to this and something needs to be done. They get away with murder there, and it’s beyond unfortunate the talent as a whole get treated how they do.”

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