Ryback: Triple H Claims WWE Doesn’t Want To Build Any New Marquee Stars

According to former WWE Superstar Ryback, aka The Big Guy, WWE hopes to never establish another “marquee name” such as Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock or John Cena, claiming the company would prefer to have a roster of stars that they can control.

The Big Guy claimed he recalled Triple H speaking about the subject first-hand while still performing in WWE as Ryback.

The former WWE Superstar stated the following on the topic during episode 17 of his “Conversations with The Big Guy” podcast:

“Hunter [has] told me directly [that WWE does not want young talent to have economic freedom]. He goes, ‘we never want another marquee name here in the WWE.’ This was during my first contract negotiations. Yeah, legit told me, he goes, ‘we’re never going to have another John Cena.’ And if you look, that’s why they book guys the way they book them. They don’t want guys to have too much power anymore.”

Check out episode 17 of Conversations with The Big Guy podcast at AudioBoom.com.

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