Ryback On Vince McMahon Roughhousing With Wrestlers, Not Wanting To Return To WWE

On the latest edition of Ryback’s Conversation With The Big Guy podcast, Ryback theorizes that WWE hasn’t cancelled his free WWE Network subscription in hopes that he’ll one day return to the company. “No I won’t,” Ryback said of going back to WWE. “I want them to [cancel the subscription.] They won’t.”

The former WWE star also talked about his formre boss, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Ryback shared that McMahon would prank the wrestlers by sneaking up behind them and putting them in submission holds. Ryback brought up that Titus O’Neil was suspended for similar roughhousing, but said that Titus took it too far.

“Vince was like that. He’d try to come behind people and try to f***ing get them, like, legitimately,” Ryback said. “There were many times he’d come up behind me and bump me and I’d turn around, like, f***ing pissed. I know Titus O’Neil took it too far and would come and tackle him sometimes.”

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