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Sami Zayn Recalls Getting Injured By John Cena In Match With Fake Booger In His Mustache

WWE superstar Sami Zayn was a recent guest on the New Day’s Feel the Power podcast where the current Intercontinental champion discussed his main roster debut matchup against John Cena, and how he injured his shoulder prior to the bout beginning. Highlights are below.

How he wasn’t exactly sure what happened to his shoulder but knew it was hurt:

I didn’t know what happened at the time because it happened so fast. It popped out and popped in right away. It happened so fast that I was in denial wondering if that just happened or did it just pop? Was it a crack or a pop? I didn’t even know what it was, but it scared me a little bit. When my arm went down, it was back in and everything seemed fine. It was my debut against John Cena, maybe the biggest star ever, in my hometown and I’m getting this amazing hero’s welcome. Before the match, I had put some Vicks Vapor Rub under my nose. It coagulated in my mustache and it looks like I have a booger right on my nose.

How he worked the match and his shoulder popped back into place during a back suplex:

I get in the ring and I tell the ref and John Cena that I think my shoulder popped. At this point, I feel fine and we wrestle for about a minute. He gives me a back suplex and that’s when it’s out and it’s not getting back in. My arm was dead and I couldn’t roll and I think when I finally did roll, it went back in place.

Check out the full episode here. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling News)

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