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Sami Zayn Says His Match Against Roman Reigns At Elimination Chamber Is Going To Be Insane

Top WWE Star Sami Zayn spoke with Sportsnet’s Blake Murphy on a number of topics such as how it’s not like he didn’t imagine his current storyline with The Bloodline to be as big as it is because he most definitely did and he did imagine the end game to turn out like it did, but for it to actually happen is surreal.

Sami Zayn said:

“It’s not that I didn’t think it could be this big, because in a way, I kind of did.” “It’s not to say that the end game was completely unimaginable, because I did imagine it. But the fact that it happened is the more surreal thing because of the number of variables that need to kind of fall into place for things to happen, right. It’s almost immeasurable.”

Sami Zayn also spoke about how in executing a long-term storyline like what he has with The Bloodline he gets to learn things on a much more real level and things can spiral into a whole new direction on any given night that you couldn’t have predicted or see coming.

Sami Zayn said:

“Something I certainly learned, it’s something you already know in theory, but in executing a long-term story like this, I learned it on a much more real level, where the execution on any given week can spiral the story into a whole new direction that you just didn’t see coming, or you could not have predicted.”

Sami Zayn then spoke about how he doesn’t want to have high hopes for his match against Roman Reigns, but he thinks it is going to be insane.

Sami Zayn said:

“It’s a weird kind of thing going on here, because on the one hand, part of the whole reason we’re doing this interview is to build that excitement for this event.” “But I, personally am trying to curtail that excitement for myself, because I don’t want to bank on it. I don’t want to have overly high hopes. But all signs point to this is going to be insane.”

You can check out Sami Zayn’s full comments at this link.

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