Sami Zayn’s Push Ends, Note on Jack Swagger’s Imminent Release

  • It appears Sami Zayn’s brief push on Raw has likely come to an end. After the injury to Seth Rollins, WWE was forced to push Zayn due to the fact that Roman Reigns was left as the only regularly performing babyface on the Raw roster. With Chris Jericho turning face, as well as Rollins and Finn Balor returning, further pushing Zayn at the moment is not necessary.
  • While WWE has denied that Jack Swagger has been released, it is a foregone conclusion that he will eventually be gone from the company. The WWE’s official statement on the matter even started in the manner “When he is granted his release…”. Swagger has been forced to cancel all his indie bookings as he is technically still under contract and when he is eventually released, will have to sit through a 90-day non-compete clause.

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