Samoa Joe Compares Brock Lesnar As Champion To Hulk Hogan

TNA star turned WWE star Samoa Joe recently did an interview with USA Today where he discussed his program with Brock Lesnar for Lesnar’s Universal Championship. Joe compared Lesnar’s Universal Title run to the legendary Hulk Hogan’s WWE Title run.

Lesnar has drawn criticism for being a part-time performer in WWE, while other stars like Joe appear every week. Joe feels that Lesnar not being on TV every week is a good thing, and for fans it’s a taste of the old school Title reigns.

“You go to the Hulk Hogan era reigns, and I definitely didn’t see him on TV every week,” Joe said. “There is a mystique to him not being on TV that much.”

“When he does make appearances, it’s usually for purposeful reasons,” the former TNA Champion continued. “That’s been the big theme for Brock. You hear he’s not here, but if you look back at the shows, he’s here when it counts and when I need to get my hands on him. As long as that still happens, I’m good with that.”

You can read the entire interview with the Samoan Submission Machine at USA Today.

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