Hell In A Cell - Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

Sasha Banks On Advice Mick Foley Gave Her Ahead Of Hell In A Cell Match

Ahead of their history making, first-ever Women’s Hell In A Cell match for the RAW Women’s Championship at the upcoming WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view, Sasha Banks spoke with FOX Sports and revealed the fact that she received some advice from Hell In A Cell legend Mick Foley.

“I have talked to him about the match and he’s just told me how big of a deal this is, especially being the first ever woman being inside Hell in a Cell,” the reigning RAW Women’s Champion said to FOX Sports. “It’s never been done, and it hasn’t been done for a reason but I finally think because the women’s revolution just keeps on going and going.”

The Boss continued, “It’s finally to a point where you don’t have to say ‘women can only do this, women can only do that.’ He has given me advice for it, but he’s also trying to scare me with it, too, which I don’t need. But he is like… he acts like a dad. He just wants to make sure we’re all good. Anything we need he’s always there for us.”

Check out the complete interview with Sasha Banks at FOXSports.com.

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