Sasha Banks On WWE EVOLUTION 2 Pay-Per-View

Sasha Banks On Another WWE All-Women’s PPV: “Where Is Evolution 2? We’ve Been Waiting …”

WWE superstar Sasha Banks was a recent guest on Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley’s Table Talk podcast where The Boss spoke about a possible Evolution 2 pay per view, and who her dream opponent would be if the event were to take place. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

On the possibility of WWE doing another Evolution pay per view:

“Well, on the Women’s Evolution PPV, it was such a beautiful magical PPV. I never dreamt that would happen because you never even dreamt of women main eventing anything. For all those women who came together from the past, present and future, it was such an inspiring and incredible PPV that I’m, like, where is number 2? Where is Evolution 2? We’ve been waiting for it. I know the fans want it. I’m dying for it. You saw a lot of matches that you would have never seen before. I think that’s awesome to see, especially as the women’s division keeps growing. In NXT, every time I go down there, to see how many women are down there, we have a stacked roster. I don’t see a reason why we couldn’t have Evolution 2.”

Picks Trish Stratus as her dream opponent for the event:

“If I could choose anybody? Trish Stratus. I would lose my mind. But honestly, there are so many people. I would like to have a match with anybody I have not had a match with before. Trish Stratus was the top of the women’s division of her time. She was the best. She was beautiful. She was athletic and she inspired me. I have a bunch of her stuff. I remember going to the Eddie Guerrero tribute show and she had this pink shirt on and I saw that shirt at a store and I was like, I need that shirt because Trish Stratus had that shirt. Trish Stratus was always the one. When I finally got to meet her and work with her, I fell more in love with her. She is the most amazing beautiful human being I’ve ever met. Not only did she inspire me in the ring, she inspires me for what she does outside of the ring as well.”

Full interview can be found here. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling News)

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