Sasha Banks Dyes Her Hair Darker (4/28/2019)

Sasha Banks’ Asking Price for Autograph Sessions Revealed

— Mercedes Varnado, most commonly known by her WWE name Sasha Banks, has started accepting independent signings and according to, if you want her to appear at your event, it’s not going to come cheap. After her first appearance with C2E2 went public earlier this week, several organizers both in and outside of wrestling have stepped up, expressing interesting in booking Varnado.

— Two wrestling promoters who were among those in that group were told that she isn’t taking any wrestling related projects until at least January 1, 2023 and that her current asking price is $30,000 (she will reportedly take non-wrestling work prior to that date). One promoter felt this was “exactly as expected” given that demand to have her booked would be high since she is a well known talent who left on her own terms, hasn’t been part of the convention scene before and has a loyal fanbase who support her. Furthermore, Varnado has only recently been off WWE TV and her services were compared to that of Sting and the only talent who are said to be more expensive to book are Ric Flair, Goldberg, Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan. The promoter went on to say that booking her for $30,000 was worth it even at that rate as they would make that money back. The report adds that the $30,000 quoted fee is simply for an appearance and not for her to wrestle.

— As of this week, while all signs continue to point to an end to the Sasha Banks-WWE relationship, neither party has commented on it, let alone released any public statement on the matter.

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