Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks Drops Another Hint About Switching Brands From RAW To SmackDown LIVE

Sasha Banks appears to be conditioning her fans to eventually tune in on Tuesday night’s if they want to see “The Boss” in action.

Banks continues to post teases on her various social media channels regarding her interest in switching from RAW, where she has already reached the top of the mountain as a former RAW Women’s Champion, over to SmackDown LIVE.

For Banks, a move to the blue brand that is uncharted waters in the sense that it’s another world title she can pursue, as well as different challenges she can experience against fresh or fresher opponents than the handful of talent she has been working with on the RAW side of things since the latest WWE brand extension.

This week, “The Boss” took to social media to post her latest tease, a pair of somewhat subtle hints regarding a move, or at least her interest in moving to the SmackDown LIVE brand, where she seems to indicate having a goal of not only switching brands and capturing the other WWE Women’s World Title, but being able to do so and scratch it off of her “Bucket List” inside the 2017 calendar year.

“Remember, for everything you have lost, you have gained something else,” wrote Banks via her official Instagram page on Monday. “Without the dark, you would never see the stars. #RoyalRumble #wrestlemania #sdwomenschampionship #BL2017.”

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