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Sasha Banks On Fans Expecting More From Women Due To Their Recent Success

Former WWE and NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks was recently interviewed by former WCW announcer and radio personality Mark Madden to promote some upcoming work.

During the interview, “The Boss” spoke about helping women break new ground in the pro wrestling / sports entertainment business.

“Right now this whole women’s evolution has just taken over, Charlotte and I have legit made history, from Hell in a Cell to main eventing a Raw PPV to main eventing Raw three times in a row. It’s absolutely insane…This is it, the end of the line for Charlotte and I, there’s no rematch clause, whoever wins is going to go down as the great women’s wrestler, I think, of all-time.”

Additionally, Banks addressed the fact that as a result of the success the women have enjoyed in recent years, a much higher expectation level from the fans is something that comes with it.

“I feel that we’re equal, soon, we’re not going to be like, ‘Hey, that was a great women’s match’ it’s gonna be, ‘That’s a great match,’ period. We are just as equal as the men, as you can see, every single week, we’re main eventing, just like the guys.”

Mark Madden then told a story when he was a WCW Commentator and worked with Eddie Guerrero. Mark said he talked with Eddie about his tag team partner, Art Barr (Los Gringos Locos) and one night Eddie wore a Los Gringos Locos shirt to the ring, threw it to Mark, and pounded his heart. Mark had always kept the shirt and wanted to give it to Sasha Banks. Here was Sasha’s response, while keeping her emotions in check on-air.

“Oh my God! Yes. Wow. I’m not going to cry on-air, but oh, wow. That means absolutely everything to me, thank you so much. Oh my gosh…”

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