Sasha Banks Shows Off New Tattoo She Got On The Inside Of Her Lip (5/25/2019)

Sasha Banks Gets The Word “Protect” Tattooed On Inside Of Her Lip (Photos)

Sasha Banks continues to make headlines for any-and-everything not related to her WWE status.

After popping up in the headlines recently for stories about her hanging out with Snoop Dogg in the U.S. during WWE’s European Tour and breaking stuff at Rage Ground L.A., “The Boss” is back in the headlines this weekend for another interesting, non-WWE story.

Banks turned up on the official Instagram page of Jonathan Garcia, a tattoo-artist from Southern Ink Tattoo, a tattoo shop based out of Longwood, Florida.

The WWE veteran got some new ink from Garcia on the inside of her lip. The tattoo, which “The Boss” showed off in multiple pictures that Garcia released via social media this weekend, reads, “Protect.”

“‘Protect’ lip tattoo on Sasha Banks,” wrote Jonathan Garcia on his official Instagram page on Friday evening. “Thanks for letting me do your first tattoo.”

Check out multiple photos of Sasha Banks showing off her new “Protect” inside-lip tattoo below.

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