Sasha Banks and Naomi

Sasha Banks & Naomi Could Potentially Return to WWE Soon

— Sasha Banks and Naomi haven’t been seen on WWE TV in almost three months and they haven’t been backstage at events either after walking out of Monday Night Raw on May 16. At the time, it was reported that both wrestlers were unhappy at the creative direction of their tag team and approached Vince McMahon requesting to have their storylines changed, who denied the changes prompting them to hand over their tag titles and leave.

— Since then, reports surfaced that Sasha and Naomi were quietly released but even as of today, neither the wrestlers nor WWE has officially confirmed that. A subsequent report then noted that both were removed from the company’s internal active roster list but their profiles continue to remain online at

— On a recent episode of Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, Dave Meltzer reported that with Vince McMahon now gone from WWE, the expectation is that the company will make overtures to Sasha Banks and Naomi in an attempt to bring them back. He added that while it’s up in the air and nothing definitive yet, McMahon’s exit paves the way for a reconciliation as creative was the root of their unhappiness and Triple H is now leading that charge.

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