Sasha Banks Talks To Maria Menounos

Sasha Banks Opens Up On What Kept Her Away From WWE For Several Weeks

In an interview with Maria Menounos that will go online in its entirety tomorrow, Sasha Banks opened up about the ailment that kept her out of action for approximately a month. In a short teaser clip (which has curiously now been taken offline for some reason), Banks reveals that she was diagnosed as suffering from post-concussion syndrome:

“I was having head pain. I couldn’t function. I couldn’t even drive, I couldn’t sleep. I’m like I need to go checked out and it went to several neurologists and they pretty much told me I have maybe post-concussion symptoms so just rest, rest, rest. It was kind of scary I was like ‘am I gonna make Evolution’…I was really scared because we’ve been having a lot of concussion meetings with WWE and taking care of ourselves and head problems. I was like ‘I’m not okay, I can’t function, I can’t wrestle, I can’t drive, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat so I’m need to go get checked out’ and thankfully God you know, I’m okay and back to normal and I’m ready for Sunday.”

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