Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks Talks WWE Evolution PPV: “I Don’t Understand Why There Hasn’t Been A Second One”

WWE SmackDown women’s champion Sasha Banks recently spoke to Digital Spy to discuss all things pro-wrestling, including the possibility of another all women’s Evolution pay per view and her epic feud with long-time friend/rival Bayley. Highlights from the interview are below.

On Evolution:

[Evolution] is something I absolutely want to happen again. It’s just something that I think was so incredible for the women and for the fans that I don’t understand why there hasn’t been a second one yet. But it definitely can happen in the future and whenever it does happen I think it will be better than the first.

Says she loved her Hell in a Cell match with Bayley and how she’s her favorite opponent:

I am extremely happy with the Hell in a Cell match. Bayley is absolutely my favourite opponent of all time and it went just exactly how I wanted. To have that Hell in a Cell with her was incredible. I love that match and I loved the outcome of the match.

How much WWE now highlights their women:

But it’s really cool to see just the investment and time WWE has given to, not only myself and Bayley, but all of the women in WWE. It’s just been non-stop of this incredible momentum of women just taking over the company.

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