Scott D’Amore Talks Impact Slammiversary, Return To Touring

Ahead of this weekend’s Impact Slammiversary event, Scott D’Amore interviewed with PWInsider, in an effort to promote the show.

During the discussion, the Executive Vice President of Impact wrestling spoke about the company’s return to the road, and more. Check out his comments below.

On Impact fans returning at Slammiversary:

“Yeah, I mean, look, we’re obviously over the moon excited with the idea of having fans back in the Impact Zone. It’s been far too long, since we’ve and especially the talent have heard that crowd reaction that they so much deserve. And it’s going to be a great night. So this Saturday, I mean, coming from Nashville, Tennessee, from our pandemic home. But now, with fans in attendance, it’s going to be an amazing night, we got a great card. And I truly am happy and just so excited for the fact that the talent, not just in Impact, but all through wrestling now is getting a chance to get out there and perform in front of fans. That’s how pro wrestling was meant to be meant to be. It’s meant to be interactive, it’s meant to be in front of a crowd. And finally, knock on wood, it looks like we’re back now and we get to go back to doing wrestling the way it was meant to be.”

On when Impact will return to touring:

“Yeah, I mean, look, from day one, we’ve always been consistent in saying that we were going to be extremely conservative. We weren’t going to be the first group out there having fans in the building, we weren’t going to be the first group out there going on the road. But as things start to move forward towards hopefully, some type of normal. I think we’re getting close. And I think the fact that we’re going to have fans in attendance on Slammiversary. And the fact that we have fans in attendance with the TVs that follow there. believe that we still have very limited tickets available for the TVs, we’ll be doing a matinee and evening show each day, to give people an opportunity to come and see it. And I think it’s not quite single digits, but it’s pretty darn close to what’s available for tapings. So if you’re going to be in the Nashville area, grab your tickets come on by for a great show. So I guess Mike, I think you’re just slightly cart before the horse. But let’s say this, if I was interested in what’s going to happen next for Impact Wrestling, I’d be tuned in Saturday night.”

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