Scott Hall Predicts That Hulk Hogan Will Return To WWE, Shares WCW Story

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Scott Hall says that fellow Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan will return to WWE again. WWE removed Hogan’s name from almost everything they could last July after transcripts with racial slurs from his sex tape leaked online. Recently the company started using a clip of Hogan’s voice in a WWE Network commercial, which lead some fans to speculate that the company is opening up to working with him again.

Hall firmly believes that Hogan will once again work for the McMahon empire. When asked, he definitively answered, “Yes, Hulk will be back.” The former Intercontinental Champion says that if WWE’s door isn’t open for Hulk again yet, it should be soon.

“After a thirty-three year relationship with the WWE, he had a bad day—and that bad day was nearly ten years ago,” Hall explained. “That sex tape happened during a brutal time in his life. He was going through a divorce, his son Nick was in a car crash, paralyzed his buddy, and was facing jail time. His daughter was starting her hip-hop career, and Hulk was backing that, paying money out of his own pocket for that. The whole world was coming down on him, and he slipped up. He said the wrong thing. I’ve been around Hulk a lot and never seen that side of him. I’ve only seen a kind, generous guy.”

Hall also touched on some of his experiences with Hogan in the now-defunct WCW. He shared a story about Hogan’s long-rumored “creative control” coming into play in his career. In late ’97, Hall won a 60-man battle royal, which should have earned him a WCW World Title shot in the main event at SuperBrawl.

“I won at World War 3, and I was supposed to get the title shot at SuperBrawl,” explained Hall. “That was traditionally a big draw for WCW, and I was supposed to be the main event there vs. Sting. But Hulk c***blocked that and he took the main event spot and I never got the title match. That’s WCW in a nutshell.”

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