Scott Steiner Takes Aim At WWE 2K17 & Goldberg In Latest Twitter Rant

In Scott Steiner’s latest Twitter rant, the former WCW World Champion took aim at the new WWE 2K17 video game. Steiner wasn’t happy about not being included in the game, while Goldberg was included.

Goldberg is featured on #WWE’s new video game and somehow I’m not in the game,” Steiner wrote. “A handful of guys beat Goldberg, and Brock wasnt one of them, but I’m the only one not in the game. I would beat that bald headed bastard in the virtual world also.”

Steiner then took aim at Goldberg directing, saying that maybe Goldberg didn’t want Steiner in the game because he “couldn’t handle getting beat in two different worlds.”

Steiner has written several notable Twitter rants in recent years — usually directed towards Hulk Hogan and WWE. Last April, TMZ reported that police were investigating Steiner over alleged threats against Hulk Hogan’s life.

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