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Sean Waltman On Colt Cabana Suing CM Punk, Jim Neidhart’s Passing

Former WWE Superstar Sean Waltman recently spoke about some current wrestling topics on a recent episode of his X-Pac 12360 Podcast. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On the passing of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart: “You know how he was in his promos and backstage interviews and how how he was always giggling? That’s kinda how he always was. I had a lot of fun with Jim. My first exposure to Jim Neidhart [was] I grew up in in Championship Wrestling from the Florida territory in Tampa. He was a character right from the start. I reached out to different family members but I consider myself pretty close to Bret [Hart]. I just sent him my love, and Bret said, ‘Thanks Sean, means a lot, really miss him, we were best of friends always, never had a harsh word between us.'”

On Colt Cabana suing CM Punk: “It’s worse than [being] at each other’s throat. When you say good friends, that’s an understatement. Punk used to live in Colt’s studio apartment with him. The whole thing is over money right? It’s really sad, especially when you know the two people and you’re fond of both of them,which I am. [CM] Punk, he can be unlikable, he has that quality, but I like him. Part of why I like him is because he’s unlikable. (laughs)”

On ROH selling out Madison Square Garden: “I’ve been trying to tell people there is a wrestling boom going on and people want to argue with me non-stop. The people that are doing business didn’t realize there are other viable people to do business with besides WWE. But then when you hear, ‘They just sold out the UIC Pavilion – whatever it’s called now in Chicago in thirty minutes- OMG!’ That’s huge and then word spreads and now people want to get involved with wrestling more. I mean just because of that, because they know it’s hard to get in bed with WWE.”

Check out the complete episode of the X-Pac 12360 Podcast via iTunes.

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