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Sean Waltman Says Way WWE Is Handling 205 Live Is “So Not Cool”

“1,2,360” podcast host Sean “X-Pac” Waltman recently spoke with Raj Giri of for an interview. During the discussion, Waltman explained what he doesn’t like about the way WWE is handling the tapings for their new Cruiserweight-themed show 205 Live.

“I’m really happy,” Waltman, who wrestled as X-Pac, Syxx and the 1-2-3 Kid, among other characters throughout his wrestling career, a noted veteran who helped usher in the era of the smaller wrestlers being given more opportunities in the giant-led WWE during the 1990s. “Mostly I’m happy with what they’re doing with it, but there [are] a few things I don’t like. I don’t like them taping the 205 Live [show] after everything else is done in a half-empty arena where nobody gives a s–t. I think we’re marginalizing these guys.”

Waltman elaborated on his issues with some of the things WWE is doing with the 205 Live show, noting that some of the things they are choosing to do gives the perception to the fans that the talent and the show itself is “still an afterthought.”

“So not cool,” Waltman continued. “I don’t like that. It makes them seem like they’re still an afterthought, Raj. Of course [taping 205 Live before SmackDown Live would be better], of course. Whenever you put the heavy hitters out before the guys that are perceived to be lower on the card, it doesn’t work. I mean, well, it did at one point, but I’ll give you an exception. Back when they would take Hulk [Hogan] and somebody in the main event, or whoever, and put them on forth, before intermission, and then, put, like, Rockers versus The Hart Foundation on last. That was something that was done a lot.”

“Come on, I mean, the cruiserweights are still trying to get established,” said Waltman. “We don’t want to treat them like they’re a special attraction like the midgets, we used to call them midgets, and what the ladies used to be back in the days, back in the Moolah, the Fabulous Moolah circuit days.”

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