Sean Waltman Tells Fan Involved In Randy Orton Gym Incident To “Go F— Yourself”

As noted this week, Randy Orton was involved in an altercation with a fan named Anthony Martin at a gym in Arkansas. Martin spoke to the media after the incident, and former WWE star Sean “X-Pac” Waltman took issue with how Martin handled the situation.

Waltman discussed the story on the latest edition of his X-Pac 1-2-360 podcast, and addressed people who thinks the wrestlers “owe” them something because they’re fans. Waltman started off his rant with some colorful language directed towards Martin.

“Anthony Martin, go f–k yourself! You know, I mean people have headphones on when they’re in the gym and other places for a reason – because they don’t want to f–king talk to anyone,” Waltman said. “I’m not trying to sound like a dick, but I know it’s coming off that way. But you know there’s these things called boundaries. They’re like an imaginary line and you f–king crossed it. Sorry! I know some people are thinking I’m the dick right now for saying it like that.”

Waltman added that apparently Martin thinks “he pays Randy Orton’s bills directly.” The former WWE Light Heavyweight Champion said that he’s grateful for all of the fans’ support, and fans would be grateful for wrestlers destroying their own bodies for their entertainment. “Nobody owes anyone s–t, OK,” he said. “It’s all about gratitude, and I’m so grateful. But if somebody puts that in my face and tells me they pay my bills, f–k you.”

You can listen to the full podcast on iTunes or watch it on YouTube.

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