Session Moth Martina Talks To Post Wrestling

Session Moth Martina Claims She Chose ROH Over NXT UK Because “It’s A Bit Safer” & “A Better Fit”

Session Moth Martina recently opened up about fellow Irish pro wrestling star Becky Lynch reaching out to her to help get her “looked at by WWE,” as well as her decision to sign with Ring Of Honor (ROH) instead of WWE NXT U.K. after the NXT U.K. Tryouts at the WWE U.K. Performance Center.

Prior to her ROH in-ring debut at the ROH Free Enterprise event in Baltimore, Maryland last September, former two-time OTT Women’s Champion Session Moth Martina spoke with Andrew Thompson (@ADThompson__) of

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview, which also includes the ROH star sharing her thoughts on STARDOM being acquired by Bushiroad.

On Bushiroad acquiring the STARDOM promotion: “One hundred percent, I think it was such a great — at the end of the day, the way I see it is, even though it was dark, it was still 40,000 people from Japan seeing Stardom so now, more eyes are on Stardom and that’s the goal at the end of the day because these girls are insanely talented. They’re the best in the world. So, at the end of the day, that’s what I think. Like baby steps. One day we might get on the pay-per-view, one day there might be a Stardom match but at the end of the day, Stardom, it does have its own company, so it doesn’t need New Japan either.

“I think they’re both independent of each other. It’s great that they’re working together but if New Japan could help Stardom, Stardom could help New Japan, they should just work together with that. I was there to see it and it was surreal. It was just amazing seeing a promotion I work for on such a big stage, on Wrestle Kingdom. It was amazing, and obviously, the idea [that] there’s speculation that there might be crossovers and obviously, the dream match is me and [Toru] Yano. Me and Yano, that is my dream match. I need to either tag with Yano or face Yano. One or the other, or me against [Minoru] Suzuki. One of them has to happen, so we’ll just keep nagging New Japan until they provide.”

On the NXT UK tryout, the WWE U.K. Performance Center and ultimately deciding ROH is a “better fit” for her right now: “The NXT UK tryout was really fun. It was the first-ever all-female tryout. So yeah, that was great, and I really enjoyed the experience, I felt like it went really well. Yeah, it was quite great getting to train [at] the U.K. P.C. and I got asked to stay on and do an extra week of training just to see the current signees and stuff, and a lot of my friends work there so I felt very comfortable straight away. I just felt like, at that time I guess, it just wasn’t the right direction for me. I mean, it would’ve been a great opportunity to start something new, but I felt like just for me right now, [I] just didn’t really want to give up the amount of travel that I get to do at the moment and I have a lot of freedom as it is right now. I’ve been to Australia this year, America, Japan. I’m just not really ready to [give that up]. I’ve put a lot into my character over the last five years and I just felt like Ring of Honor was a better fit for my character and what I wanted to do with my character, and I just felt like it was gonna be a bit safer here. It just felt like a better fit.”

On Becky Lynch reaching out to her and offering to help get her “looked at by WWE”: “It was amazing. I remember years ago, a few years ago, she reached out and she was like, ‘It’s great what you’re doing. Is there anyway I can help you maybe get looked at by WWE?’ And I was like, the fact that she doesn’t need to go out of her way to do that for me and she just really liked everything that I was doing which was so sweet, and even having her now say, ‘Oh, I think she’s doing great’ and she’s genuinely the biggest thing in wrestling right now which is amazing that this girl from Ballyfermot, or like Dublin City Centre is like the top star in Ireland or in the world, it’s amazing. So yeah, she’s so sweet and anytime I see her, I just get goosebumps. I’m so proud of what she’s doing. It’s amazing.”

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