Seth Rollins Injury Update; Foley Possibly Appearing at WrestleMania 33

  • For those wondering about the status of Seth Rollins, even though WWE has pushed the idea that Rollins’ participation at WrestleMania was questionable at best, the company has internally known all along that he would be recovered and ready to wrestle on the show.
  • All of the references on TV to his MCL knee injury still lingering and not being cleared, etc. was strictly for storyline purposes, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • There also appears to be a growing sentiment that there will be a lot of outside involvement in this match, very likely from Samoa Joe but also possibly from Mick Foley.
  • WWE has pretty much written Foley out of storylines but because he really didn’t get to say much or have any sort of last laugh on the way out, there is speculation that he may still be at WrestleMania, especially since his hip surgery is not scheduled until after the event.

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