Seth Rollins Talks To GiveMeSport

Seth Rollins On WWE Locker Room Reaction To Bret Hart Calling Him “Unsafe” In The Ring

Seth Rollins recently spoke with the folks from GiveMeSport and touched on Vince McMahon still having a strong passion for the business at age 71.

“Vince is great,” said Rollins. “He’s fantastic first off. My relationship with him is very, very good. He’s just such an eccentric dude. He’s always got something for ya. He’s 71-years-old now and he’s sharp as a knife so he’s a lot of fun to be around. He’s always got good feedback. Still watches it, still loves it. That’s the crazy thing.”

Rollins continued, “He still comes to work every single week and he still loves it. He still loves what he does. He loves being around it, he loves watching it, analyzing it, thinking about it. So it’s just cool to be around a guy like that.”

Additionally, “The Architect” spoke about the reaction in WWE to Bret Hart calling him unsafe in the ring.

“I have no idea if [McMahon] even knew what Bret was saying about me as far as that’s concerned,” Rollins continued. “But yeah, I got support from guys in the locker room who were like, ‘what is this guy even talking about? Why is he saying this stuff? It’s just ridiculous.’

“So yeah, it was here and there but most people really didn’t take it too seriously because it was so off the wall. So yeah people just make jokes about it for the most part.”

Check out the complete Seth Rollins interview above.

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