Several WWE Wrestlers Now Feel Like Their Jobs Aren’t Safe

According to Fightful, nearly 20 WWE talents said that they were very frustrated with the company and that some of the veterans even feel like their jobs are no longer safe. It was also noted that morale in WWE had dropped in a big way during the previous batch of releases, but once live events returned, morale was back up, though when Bray Wyatt was released, morale took a huge hit once again.

WWE has always seen a rotation with their talents, but lately things have been a lot different in the WWE, especially since top Superstars are the ones who are being released. The budget cuts reason that the WWE has been giving their talents is believed to be accurate as the WWE want to get their payroll under control.

A couple of years ago, a number of WWE talents were given bigger contracts because WWE Chairman Vince McMahon didn’t want his wrestlers to sign with AEW, but now it seems that the mindset has changed and they are more on keeping costs down than worrying about people jumping ship to AEW or other wrestling promotions.

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