Sexxy Red

Sexxy Red Was Arrested & Charged For Airport Brawl Prior To WWE NXT Battleground

— Prior to appearing for WWE during NXT Battleground where she hosted the show, Sexxy Red appeared to be involved in a big scuffle at the Newark airport where TMZ reports she was arrested for disorderly conduct.

— Security video footage obtained and released by TMZ shows Red participating in a brawl where she is reportedly shown wearing an orange hat, picking up a stanchion and waving it around before falling over others. It is unclear what led to the melee but TMZ reported that Red was charged with disorderly conduct for her part in the mess.

— Taking to social media, Red presumably commented on the video with the caption “Dat wasn’t me” but the report states that she was charged while other participants in the fight were also slapped with more serious assault charges. Red did seem to acknowledge the incident did happen by also posting on Sunday before Battleground “just got out” and offering to replace the phones of the people who were involved in the altercation. There were no major injuries though some individuals were taken to hospital with minor issues.

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