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Sexy Starr Talks Not Being Retired From Wrestling, Lucha Underground

Sexy Starr recently spoke with the folks at Solo Wrestling for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On not being retired from pro wrestling: “I never said that in any interview that I gave. I think it was a misunderstanding on the media’s behalf. When it happens that I present myself unmasked and make my real name known, it’s because I have a dream that I am fighting for and want to accomplish. If God allows it, it will happen on the 22nd of April, to be able to box. I never said at any moment, some media outlet around there were the ones that mentioned or reported that ‘Sexy Star leaves the mask for the gloves’ or something like that. That was what led to the confusion, because I never made the comment that I was going to leave wrestling.Yes, I had to get away from it a little and I’ve been on only a few shows. I thank all the promoters and people that have called from companies that have wanted to take me to their country. I just haven’t been able to, because I’ve been focusing on my boxing training. I have had only a few appearances for wrestling because those were dates I had already agreed to work from a long while back and I decided to fulfill those, because I don’t like to take back what I had agreed on. But all that talk about me going to retire? No. I think wrestling saved my life. I owe it everything. I can say that the ring is my life. It is not my house. It is my life. Right now I don’t feel any motive to do it. I made a comment about it in an interview, that if I’m in boxing – a sport that demands a very strong physical preparation – then I think that my body is ready for the day that I return to wrestling and it will be with no problem.”

On joining Lucha Underground early into the promotion’s existance: “Yes, the truth is that it’s a project that I had been talking about for a long time with Dorian Roldán. It was something he had in mind for a long time and I think he did not take his finger off the line. He succeeded. Everything settled down in it’s time because it was months after I had my daughter. So it was at the perfect time for me. Opportunities come because they have to arrive. When it’s for you, it’s for you. I was already in the best shape and had recovered my body, strength, everything. When the project was taking shape, Dorian talked it over with me. I thank him because he trusted me and my talent. I think he with his U.S. partners and producers put his elements and pushed for us. For me it was an honor and a pride to be a part of it, because I was one of the first five people who were in the project. Fenix, Pentagon (Jr.), Hijo del Fantasma, Drago, and I. It seems to me that we were the first ones called. Also, I consider that my life story was interesting to them. How I started to wrestle and other things that caught their attention.”

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