WWE/AEW News & Rumors For 1/16/2019

Shad & Tony Khan Interested in Acquiring WWE And Merging It With AEW

— Yesterday, a dark horse candidate emerged as a potential buyer of the WWE property and it would be headed by AEW owners Shahid and Tony Khan, who were reportedly looking at a company to partner with in regards to a potential purchase.

— CNBC is now reporting that the Khans are interested in “merging” AEW with WWE adding that they “could partner with a strategic media company to share the intellectual property while merging the wrestling leagues”, however, conceded that the two sides have yet to have any discussions regarding a merger.

— The report added that if a hypothetical merger were to happen, the Khans would consider discussing a potential role for Vince McMahon – WWE’s controlling shareholder – though it’s unclear what sort of role McMahon would even want after a sale. The idea that the Khans could buy WWE and merge it with WWE though remains a long shot as McMahon may view selling his company to the Khans as a complete non-starter.

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