Shane Douglas Appears On The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling

Shane Douglas On Recent Extreme Accusations Made Against Fabulous Moolah

Former ECW Original, WWE and WCW Superstar Shane Douglas recently appeared as a guest on The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast for an in-depth interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On accusations that Fabulous Moolah held back talent: “I’ve never in my entire career seen anybody do that except… everybody. Has anybody heard my discussions about Ric Flair over the years? It is what happens in this industry. When I read all of those links today, pretty much everything that jumped off there came out to me as being one of two things and that is either completely normal in this industry (normal as this industry is going to get) which is not very normal but the other part of it and part of the accusation that she “pimped” out certain people, that is first I have ever heard that anywhere in this industry. I have never heard any whisper of that in the business, I’ve never heard anybody speak ill of Moolah in the business and I’ve known her since before I broke into the business.”

On accusations that she prostituted talent to promoters and other wrestlers: “I wasn’t there. I wasn’t a fly on the wall and I didn’t have a video camera that recorded these things either happening or not happening, I just find it very convenient that when she is dead and gone suddenly a whole bunch of people want to come out and you can see it in the responses in those articles from the social medias. People are recounting the narrative that is the story and yet none of them knew Moolah and none of them were there. If I can go out tomorrow and say that I saw wrestler “so-and-so” molesting children, does that mean that you can come out tomorrow and say that wrestler “so-and-so” needs to be destroyed, demonized, sanitized from the pages of history and they don’t deserve to make a living because Shane Douglas made an accusation? While I have provided no evidence, no supporting information other than “Shane Douglas said” and Shane Douglas is in the business therefore it must be true. Boy, if that is all it takes than we are much further down the road to destruction than I thought we were.”

“If there is evidence than bring it forward. I would never defend anything like that if Moolah did do those things but the stuff that I read most of them were completely normal. She charged rent, she charged to be and took a cut of the payoffs of the people that she booked. Those are completely industry standards and if you are planning on breaking into the business and you want Shane Douglas to book you and I get you booked than don’t get mad if I take 5 or 10% of your pay because without me booking you and getting you booked than you wouldn’t be getting that payoff. That is an industry standard and it isn’t just in professional wrestling it is in every industry. The parts about she “pimped” people out is the first time I heard it when I read it today and again I wasn’t there but if she did do those things than she deserved whatever demonizing she gets off of that but again does 2018 apply to that time frame? I find it suspicious in the sense of if she was pimping these people out and none of them called authorities or recorded any information to underscore and prove what it is they are saying now how many decades later, I find that very suspicious. If somebody had done that to me and while I came up in this business I had a lot of wrongs done to me but if someone did something that egregious, I would have kept a log, pictures or some kind of information to prove that down the road even if people don’t believe me I would be able to prove to myself that I was correct and I had it right.”

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