Shane Helms Reveals Why He Transitioned Out Of The Hurricane Character

Pro wrestling veteran and WWE producer Shane Helms appeared on Insight With Chris Van Vliet, where he spoke about a number of topics such as how his elimination at the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event was one of the most painful bumps he has ever taken in his entire wrestling career.

Shane Helms said:

“That hurt so bad. That was the first time and only time, this is a true story, that the referee came and asked me if was I Okay, and I said, No. I thought I broke my back. Like when I hit and I kind of landed on my [back] my heels hit first. It was Bobby Lashley and Big E gorilla pressed me and threw me over. And I kind of hit heels first. And they kind of shot out from underneath me. And I just went down on my tailbone. And I kind of had probably what would be described as a little bruise, you know, probably on my lower spine, something like that. Because like, everything hurt. That was one of the most painful bumps I’ve ever taken in my entire career.”

Shane Helms also spoke about the reason he transitioned out of his Hurricane character.

Shane Helms said:

“It wasn’t difficult for me, because I mean, I knew there was going to come a time when it had to happen. You know, everything gets watered down to a degree or hits a low at some point. And Ric Flair really kind of jumpstarted did, because that was you know, doing a lot of stuff with him, And he just one time just pulled me aside and Ric has been so you know, such a mentor to me and in different ways. And, you know, he just pulled me to the side one day, and he’s like, You’re too good for this gimmick. And, you know, it wasn’t about like, the gimmick was bad, but I can only go so far. And that company was only going to let me go so far with that gimmick. And I understood that too. So and I believed him and it’s just like, you know, I need to go and remind him of who I was before I came here because Sugar Shane is one of the best light heavyweights in the world. And then, you know, that same guy was Hurricane you know, Tom Hanks that did Big. That’s the same Tom Hanks that used to do Philadelphia. But in wrestling, that message wasn’t coming across. You know, so until it was I mean, I did The Hurricane really good. You know, part of his, it was just because I did it really well. And I committed to it, and I got so good at being the funny guy that just became who I was. Yeah, you know, and I wasn’t getting the opportunities to do serious stuff. So it wasn’t it was kind of, it was time for it at that point.”

You can check out Shane Helms’ comments in the video below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.

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