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Shane McMahon On Knowing He Wanted To Work For WWE, Austin Walking Out

As noted, SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon recently appeared as a guest on WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s ‘Steve Austin Show’ podcast. Below are some additional highlights from the interview.

On always knowing he wanted to enter the family business in WWE: “Well, [Vince] knew that’s exactly what I wanted to do. The requirements were I had to graduate college. Boston University, I graduated from there. I got a B.S. in Mass Communications/Public Relations. Bachelors of Science. I was like, ‘okay, let me just field this’ knowing full well I wanted to get completely into the [professional wrestling] business.

“I graduated ring crew and all the other stuff and that’s when I started refereeing. Well, the original ring crew was Joey Marella, Mike Chioda, and Tony Chimel. Those were the three. Yes, [sadly, Joey Marella is no longer with us]. So I was the kid and so, Joey and I, because his dad was Gorilla Monsoon, and my dad, so what we’d do, and he was probably six or seven years older than me, so we were drinking beers under the stands, just complaining about our dads.”

On his memories of Steve Austin walking out on WWE: “[Austin was] the guy that was drawing the houses and everything was built around [Austin]. So when you have that much equity at stake and you have your number one player in there and that’s the one who draws money all of a sudden say, ‘I’m out,’ well, it’s very devastating, obviously, to everyone else underneath and everyone felt it, just like, ‘wow’, so [Austin] specifically, you let a lot of people down.

“Vince was hurt professionally and personally because you guys had been building a good relationship. If you guys did have a disagreement, you’d settle it quickly and talk about it. But at the end of the day when it got down to ‘alright, this is the vision we’re going with when I said we’d paint the room blue, well, you didn’t want to paint the room blue at that time, so you took your paint and went somewhere else.’ So that was a big blow personally as well because, again, it’s the machine and we all put effort into building ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, and the company, and everything else around it. And when that cog leaves, it’s like, ‘oh wow! Jeez, that didn’t feel good!’ It didn’t make any of us feel good. [Austin] let us down, man.”

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