Shawn Michaels Appears On CBS Sports' "In This Corner" Podcast

Shawn Michaels Explains Why WWE Defeated WCW In The Monday Night Wars

WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels appeared on CBS Sports’ In This Corner podcast to promote next Monday night’s RAW 25th Anniversary special in New York.

During the interview, HBK spoke a lot about the early days of RAW and the WWE vs. WCW Monday Night Wars that ultimately changed the business forever.

Regarding WWE defeating WCW in the infamous Monday Night Wars, “The Heartbreak Kid” had the following to say during the podcast:

“I’ve always known the guy I work for, and the dude works 24/7, and that’s why it was always easy never to leave. There was absolutely no way that guy was going to give up. You didn’t know when, you didn’t know how long, or whatever. But there was absolutely no way he was not going to continue standing and continue fighting. So, really once you really know that, it’s just are you willing to wait it out. Of course, I was doing what I loved to do, and so I certainly didn’t mind. [There was] a lot of nerves, lot of concern, lot of worry, and stuff like that, I’m sure all those years from the higher-ups, but those of us who were the workhorses, so to speak, our job was to go out there and do the best we could, and quite honestly, let them worry about the more important stuff.”

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