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Shawn Michaels Reveals His Biggest Temptation To Return To The Ring

Since 2010 when Shawn Michaels called it quits on his WWE career, he has been asked about his return to the ring by fans and WWE officials alike in almost every public appearance he makes. Now that Michaels is involved in the “Last Time Ever” match between The Undertaker and Triple H at WWE Super Show-Down this Saturday, there are rumors of his return once again.

Inside the Ropes recently spoke with “The Heartbreak Kid” for an interview about his rumored return to the WWE squared circle.

On biggest temptation to return to the ring: “It was probably about four years after I retired, there was an idea that was, it was with ‘Taker again. But it was just from a creative standpoint, it was easily the most intriguing idea, one of those ones where my wife said, ‘oh, that’s pretty cool.’ And that was the one, when I said no, she said ‘you really are done.'”

On why he resists the urge to lace up the boots again: “It’s because it just felt so…complete. It felt like I had spent 25 years painting this picture and then all of a sudden one day I stood back and I looked at it and said the picture is done. I sat there and looked at it and I thought, ‘I like it.’ I thought it was beautiful and I just signed my name at the bottom and said, ‘that’s it.'”

Retirement doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of The Heartbreak Kid, as was proven on RAW this past Monday night. Michaels will also likely be seen in Triple H’s corner at WWE Super Show-Down as “The Game” takes on “The Dead Man,” who will be backed by Kane at ringside. WWE Crown Jewel expects Michaels to team with Triple H in November against Kane and Undertaker in tag-team action.

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