Shawn Spears

Shawn Spears Reveals Who He Wants To Wrestle Outside AEW, Origins Of C4 Finisher & More

AEW star Shawn Spears recently held a Q&A on Twitter to talk all things pro-wrestling, including who he hopes to face on the AEW roster, and what has influenced his in-ring style. Highlights are below.

Who he hopes to face on the AEW roster:

Ricky Starks. Works hard and always asks questions. Wish more younger talent were like him.

Who he hopes to face outside AEW:

Switchblade (NJPW’s Jay White) would be fun.

Why he named his finisher the C4:

That’s the vertebrae in the neck I’m aiming to fracture.

What influences his in-ring style:

I’ve seen countless young talent sacrifice storytelling for “cool” moves, get dropped on their heads repeatedly, and cut their careers short. Story telling, longevity and common sense is the influence behind my “style”.

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