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Sheamus Reveals Ridge Holland And Buch Have Completely Reinvigorated His Passion For Wrestling

Top WWE SmackDown Star Sheamus recently appeared on The Ringer Wrestling Show to talk about a variety of topics such as how Ridge Holland and Butch completely reinvigorated him in the business and really brought his passion back for the wrestling business.

Sheamus said:

“I’ve been here for over 13 and a half years on the main roster, and these two boys, these two lads, have completely reinvigorated me in this business and really brought my passion back to level 10. Like, I can’t tell you how special it is to be in there with them. Both of them are hungry, both of them are passionate, and we all push each other and we look out for each other. That’s a group. We’re a group. We’re the Brawling Brutes. That’s it. It’s Sheamus, Ridge, and Butch. That’s it.”

“We’re three boys, three mates, who will bleed and die for each other out there and that’s what’s special. That’s why the crowd I feel right now are really gravitating towards the three of us because there is no ego. We’re all in there together. We’re in there for the group and we live and die by the group. When we go out there, we all put our bodies on the line. We go through a war because we know that’s what we need to do. We want to give everyone out there their money’s worth. Anything less from us just doesn’t cut it.”

“In 2011, 2012, to start I was a heel, then a baby face. Then the machine was behind me, and the people knew the machine was behind me, and it was like walking in mud. It was like walking in quicksand. Everything felt forced. Nothing felt natural. I’m telling you, the last 10 months with these two lads, 8-10 months, I don’t even know timewise anymore, but with these guys it’s been incredible and it’s organic. That’s what it’s about. That’s what’s been missing from this business.”

You can check out Sheamus’ comments at this link. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.

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