Shotzi & Nox Talk WWE Women’s Division

During their recent interview with ViBe & Wrestling, WWE Smackdown duo Shotzi and Nox explained how the women’s division has developed since WWE’s Evolution Pay-Per-View. Check out their comments below.

Shotzi on the women’s division being a focal point of WWE TV:

“I think women have been at the top for a long time, but especially since the Evolution pay-per-view, we have skyrocketed; You just have to look at the NXT matches in which they have, starred in the star fight of the night on many occasions, so I think that in WWE – women’s wrestling has been a central point.”

Nox on talent in the division maturing as performers:

“Yeah, you just have to look at the last WrestleMania where Bianca and Sasha starred in the main event the first night, and it was such an incredible match. The sky is the limit for women right now; the sky is the absolute limit.”

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